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Air & Sea Freight 

Tropicana is the best way to get your freight to Niue for business and government customers. We send full container loads (FCL), less than a container (LCL), break bulk (BB) and vehicles. 

We work for you, to make your job easier! Let us know how we can help.

air freight

Image by Douglas Bagg

A lot of our orders are done through airfreight, simply because of the need to fix and repair things on schedule. Airfreight is not just limited to parts but a lot of fragile items too, like laptops, electronics, etc.

We have airfreight on most flights each week to Niue. During the peak season there are two flights during and week and in the low season - one flight each week.

sea freight


Seafreight is fantastic for sending large or heavy items, or if you don't need the item urgently to save on freight costs.

The boat from NZ to Niue departs roughly every four weeks. Click SCHEDULE in the menu for the shipping schedule.

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